How Long Does It Take To Propagate Succulents?

By | Updated November 2, 2023

Succulents are some of the easiest plants to propagate, but how long does it take for them to grow?

Some factors will influence how long it takes for your plant to propagate, such as the type of succulent you’re trying to grow and the technique you’re using to propagate it.

This article will give you all of the information that you need about how long it takes to propagate succulent plants so that you can get started on propagating your own succulents.

How Long Does Succulent Propagation Take?

Succulents are very easy to propagate and how long it takes to propagate succulents varies depending on the type of succulent and the method you use to propagate them.

In general, it may take a succulent two to three weeks or more for it to start showing signs of new growth after you propagate them.

However, you cannot expect a succulent to start growing immediately after you propagate it. The propagation process may take several weeks, and you should be patient before you see new growth on your plant.

How long it takes to propagate a succulent depends on the type of succulent and how you propagate it.

There are several methods you can use to propagate succulents.

  • Cuttings
  • Leaves
  • Offsets
  • Seeds
  • Water

How Long Do Succulents Take To Grow From Cuttings?

Succulents are a popular plant to propagate from cuttings because they grow at a nice pace.

When propagating succulents from stem cuttings, the process usually takes around 4 weeks for roots to develop and approximately 8 weeks for new leaves to grow.

At this point, it’s probably big enough to be transplanted to a new pot. When the original leaf changes color and falls off, this usually indicates that the new plant is ready to be repotted.

As long as the cuttings are kept in bright light, they should all root relatively quickly and begin growing new succulent leaves once established roots have formed.

The time taken can vary depending on how large your cutting is, but generally, you will be able to start harvesting baby succulent plants within around 20 weeks approximately.

You may notice that some of your cuttings take longer than others; this does not indicate any issues with the propagation process, though!

Some succulents simply grow slower than others due to their genetic makeup or other factors like exposure to certain elements or light.

As long as you keep your cuttings out of direct sunlight and water them well, they should root without any issues!

How Long Does It Take To Propagate Succulents From Leaves

The time it takes for succulents to develop roots will depend on many factors, such as how much water is provided and if they are placed in direct sunlight or not.

The types of succulents you are propagating also determines how long it takes.

For instance, the Aeonium species have thick leaves and take one week to form roots, while the Sedum have thin leaves and can take up to three weeks for roots to grow.

Generally, it takes about 1 to 3 weeks for succulents to form roots when propagated from leaves. It may take a few months for a succulent to reach the appropriate size for repotting.

As a general rule, it’s usually best to repot as soon as the leaf has roots and the succulent is big enough.

Some leaves may root quickly, but forming a rosette takes significantly longer. In those cases, it’s best to wait until the rosette has formed before repotting at all.

How Long Does It Take for Succulents To Grow From Offsets

Succulents can reproduce quickly and easily with offsets which are baby versions of the original plant.

It takes approximately 4 to 10 weeks for succulents to sprout roots when propagated through offsets.

Offsets form when the plant grows so much that it begins to take up too much space for its root system.

At this point, the mother plant produces an offshoot that will become an individual soon enough – just like you would cut a branch from any other tree.

To propagate succulents, all you need to do is remove the offset from the mother plant. They are usually attached quite easily, so this should be a simple process.

Just make sure to provide the offset with its own pot or container so that it can grow independently.

Propagating succulent plants via offsets ensures a fast turnaround time if you are looking to grow more plants quickly.

All you need to do is wait until your offset has developed roots – which takes about four weeks on average – then repot it into its own pot.

Succulent propagation does not get much easier than this!

How Long Does It Take To Grow Succulents From Seeds

Succulent seeds can be difficult to deal with. It takes between three and six weeks before the seedling germinates and another six months or more for it to reach maturity.

The process of propagating plants from seeds is the one that takes the longest. It can be challenging to get the seedlings up and running.

To propagate succulents via seeds requires patience as the process begins with the emergence of a small shoot in roughly three weeks. 

However, there may still be many years waiting ahead while they develop into mature specimens.

Many factors affect how long it takes to propagate succulents from seed, including their species, growing conditions, and whether you are using conventional or hydroponic methods.

However, the process is generally slow, involving the germination of the seed and then the development into a mature plant over many months.

How Long Does It Take To Propagate Succulents in Water

Water propagation is one of the quickest and simplest ways to propagate.

When propagated in water, succulents take approximately two weeks to form roots, and the succulent cutting will be ready to be transplanted into the soil.

Succulents propagated in water should be transplanted into the soil as soon as they form roots.

If the succulent is not transplanted, it will continue to grow and develop more leaves rather than producing a root system, making it difficult for the plant to absorb nutrients from its surroundings.

A good indicator of when a succulent plant is ready to be transplanted into the soil is when you see the roots begin to form.

Succulents propagated in water do best if placed outside on a sunny patio or porch until they can be planted permanently.

It is important to note that propagation time depends on water quality, cutting material, the number of leaves it has, and its growing conditions so that each succulent may vary.

What Is the Fastest Way To Propagate Succulents

Succulents propagate quickly and easily, which is a desirable trait for anyone who wants a succulent garden.

The most common propagation methods are through stem cuttings or leaf cuttings.

To propagate your succulents, you can either cut off a stem and place it into moist soil, or you can take a leaf off the succulent and then plant that into the soil.

The stem cutting method is faster because it is less work, but the leaf cutting method is more effective.

Stem propagation will produce new plants faster, but leaf propagation leads to a higher success rate.

How To Propagate Succulents Fast?

When people decide to propagate succulents, they want the process done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Fortunately, you can do a few things to ensure the process doesn’t take too long.

  • Use a rooting hormone – Rooting hormones promote faster root growth and faster plant development.
  • Apply cinnamon powder on the wounds – Cinnamon powder aids succulent cuttings and leaves to heal and callus quicker, allowing the roots to form faster.
  • Use a heating pad – Warm temperatures speed up propagation rates, meaning you can get more plants sooner.
  • Plant in soil with high organic matter – Organic matter is required for healthy root development, so find some good quality potting soil mix to use as your propagation medium.
  • Keep humidity levels up – Misting your succulent leaves throughout the day will increase humidity levels, which will help them grow new roots faster.
  • Water sparingly – Overwatering your plants will cause them to rot, so only water when the soil is completely dry.
  • Plant in bright light – Succulents can be propagated indoors or outdoors, but the most important thing is to ensure they are exposed to as much sunlight as possible.
  • Cut off any flower buds before planting it – Flowering takes a lot of energy out of your plant, so by cutting them off, you’re giving your new plants the best chance at survival after rooting.

It may take some time for succulent cuttings to root and grow into mature plants.

Depending on how well each individual cutting was during the propagation process, it typically takes anywhere between six weeks and four months.

However, if you follow these tips closely enough, you should have no problem getting your cuttings to root in no time.

Final Thoughts

Succulents are a great plant to propagate because they take a relatively short amount of time and the steps are not difficult.

However, not all varieties of succulents will produce roots quickly.

Be patient with your plant and continue to care for it until you know whether or not the propagation will be successful.

You may need to start over, but patience can help ensure a good result when propagating and growing succulents.

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